The State of Gaming

Written by Louis Ramirez, dealnews Senior Feature Writer

cul-xboxIn just a few hours, the gaming industry's biggest movers and shakers will convene at the Los Angeles Convention Center to unveil the year's most anticipated games and consoles at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). However, this year, rather than wait to see what E3 has to tell us about the state of gaming, we polled 1,551 of our own readers to find out what they're playing, how much they're spending, and what they think of the gaming industry today.



Xbox Marks the Spot

There's no denying it. The Xbox 360 is the gaming console of choice according to an overwhelming 38% of our respondents. PCs are the second most-popular platform accounting for 27% of participants, while 20% said they mainly use the PS3, and 6% said they play exclusively on their smartphone. Even tablets (both Android and iPad combined) got in on the gaming action securing 4% of our readers' votes. Coming in last place with just 2% of the share are handheld gaming consoles such as the Sony PlayStation Vita and Nintendo DS.



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