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Planet 51

Planet 51It's a cartoon so we really want to like it. It's great there's a movie for your kids and maybe you can enjoy some of it. We can't say that. The movie runs slow at times, it's gets to bathroom humor very shortly into the film, the characters are shallow and even the references for adult seem to miss the mark. Would it seem odd to you that an astronaut and an alien who loves astronomy barely stop for 84 hours to talk about how to two planets on the opposite ends of the universe happen to speak and write the same language?  I know that's a question a child would ask. The movie isn't a complete waste, the graphics are decent and appealing and the story has a little bit of promise but this one seems more like a bunch of stories combined and set on a different planet more than it seems like a new idea. Your kids may like it, even though there are enough down periods in the film for the kids to need a potty break or to fall asleep. We really want to like this one, we really do.

You Time: D

She Time: D 

They Time: C+

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