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Red Tails

Red TailsI went to see a play at my daughter’s school yesterday. Some of the singing was off key and the actors didn’t necessarily know they shouldn’t yell in the microphone. It didn’t matter though because they were kids putting their heart into their play and that mattered more than my never-ending need to over analyze everything.

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45 Greatest Love Songs

45 Greatest Lovesongs100 People Give Us the Top Forty-five Love Songs of All Time

Art imitates life, and music is no exception. Some of the greatest songs ever written have been inspired by possibly the strongest human emotion; love. There is probably no better way to enhance a romantic evening. Whether you own all 98 volumes of Body & Soul or if you fire up the old 8 track, here are 41 of the greatest love songs, according to the 100 people we surveyed in 2009. With a couple of years passing, what do you think of the list now and what are we missing.

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AvatarHas a movie ever made you tired? Well, Avatar may wear you out by the end. It's nearly three hours of running through a fantasy forest, leaping over big trees, flying other-worldly pterodactyls and camera movement that makes you wonder if the cameraman or programmer was drunk. The movie is a thing of dreams and the design makes you wish you had the ability to make a movie like this. It's so beautiful, it's possible to get lost in the fantasy world and tune the movie out. And to be honest, that isn?t bad for a while.

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Ninja Assassin

entertainment - ninja assassinIf you love the color red, Go! If you like short stints of good action, Go! If you love a good script, Don’t Go! I think the commercials make it obviously clear Ninja Assassin isn’t made to get Oscars. The color is dark, the action is furious, the story is sometimes told in a painful collection of flashbacks but despite lagging in areas the movie has decent tempo and quality. The images have been altered so the blood is a deeper red, has a 3-D quality and runs slow like ketchup. Ninja stars and sword fights have movement trails with sound effects that make you feel like you’re caught between a movie and video game. 

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