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Speak to Me Like an Adult

I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with this section at first. Ranting about the annoyance of the ‘man’ prefix just seemed right. It seemed needed. But it took me a bit of time to figure out what the focus of this entry would be, then I saw a beer commercial.

It’s not the beer as much as the commercials…and several others.

It’s apparent advertisers don’t know how to reach me. I’m quite sure it’s the same for you. Now, I don’t drink a lot of beer, but I do drink. I buy clothes, I get insurance, I purchase cars, I spend my money in stores. But if I look at television commercials I am absolutely a bumbling idiot. I mean, I must still be in high school because according to advertisers I’ll rent a dog to meet women, I’ll pick my beer over my woman, I’m impressed by a walk-in closet of beer, I can’t feel like a ‘manly men’ if I don’t want to eat a lot, I need you to put ‘Max’ on my diet soda to feel manly and I need a smart intelligent woman to make the decisions for me because I have the intelligence of a 17 year old.

I’m a grown man! I want my walk-in closet to be organized and keep my suits from being wrinkled. I’ve paid my own bills since I turned 18. If I don’t feel like eating a lot, I won’t. Who cares what you think about. I drink diet soda, so do my buddies. Sorry I’m an adult. That’s the way I roll.

One commercial went as far to add, “Men never change.” Seriously? Maybe the men you know. Some of my buddies are frat boyish type of guys and some are more laid back. I’ve had sensible conversations from each end of the spectrum over the years and have realized MEN CHANGE.


It could be bills, responsibility, lost love, better paychecks or just life but men, all of us, get more intelligent as we age. Do we go to the barbershop and have a laugh or two? Yes. Do we still toss out some crass jokes while changing in the locker room? Yes. Will we even throw out a borderline sexist comment or two while we’re in the car headed to a game? Maybe so. However, when it comes down to being responsible, showing up for the kids, taking care of our wives and making sure our homes are in order – we are grown men. Too bad advertisers don’t value us enough to see that.

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