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Date Night Guidelines

Sexy-Couple-Doing-Sex-640X480-1779Just because you are married doesn’t mean that you should stop dating each other. Keeping the spark in your relationship is the reason for ‘Date Night.’ The name is not sexy, almost corny actually. Date Night is about spending quality time together, planning something special for your mate and making time to appreciate each other. Plan your date nights at a time that’s best for you both. Set guidelines that will maintain the importance and true meaning of Date Night. Here are some suggestions:

  • Determine a recurring time for the two of you to spend together and stick to it.

Consider making a running list and posting on a joint calendar to make it easier for you both. Others will become accustomed over time to when you are and are not available.

  • Alternate the planning

Each person needs to share involvement by taking turns to plan the activity for Date Night.

  • No competition on the planning of Date Nights

Date night is about connecting with one another. Don’t get caught up in dueling each other on who made the best plans. 

  • Make the evening special

Focus on creating something memorable for your partner. She’ll be planning the next date with the same thought in mind.

  • Always include some type of dining

Everyone is happier when they eat.

  • Plan an activity before or after dining (activity can lead to sex, but can’t just be sex)

Create some excitement. If you have sex afterwards, great, but don’t make that the goal.

  • No phones

Seriously, turn them off!

  • No talking about work

Your fiancée doesn’t want to hear about Jim in accounting on a night that is supposed to be about her.

  • Date Night is just for the two of you

No kids, no double dates, no pets, no co-workers, no workout partners from the gym. This is your time to connect with each other.

  • Never cancel or postpone

Marriage is about commitments; make date night one of them. Figure out how to keep the schedule.

  • Spend as much or as little money as you want

Sometimes your best date will cost you nothing. Sometimes it will cost you a lot.

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