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Petit LeMans

Watching a race on TV has nothing on going to a race like this all day. Experience more than a television can give you by enjoying the fun that is the Petit Le Mans. Held all day at the Atlanta Road Race in Brasselton, GA, your family, wife and friends can experience a sporting event like no other. Hear the sounds of the engines from just hundreds of feet away in this beautiful venue. Plan to stay all day and enjoy the sun in the cool fall weather. If you haven't been here, then you haven't experienced sports.

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What Do We Write About?

A collection of men's stories, prominent or not, who eschew the broad stereotype of manhood through the lives they lead. The resource for the forward-thinking man. Burgundy covers everything related to the well-grounded male with a trendy yet sensible approach. Short but witty stories allows the busy man to read and learn without being tied down.

Editorial Consideration

Now that you know what we write about, help us find the type of stories that create interest, are interesting and show men who overcome the narrow defintions of society. We are always on the lookout for an amazing story, if you have a story we should know about, drop us a line and Burgundy may be able to pass forward the story.