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Coconut Bay - St. Lucia

Coconut Bay SlidesSome Caribbean islands are lined with Kentucky Fried Chickens, Little Caesars and Dominos. Chains that have their own bowl games. Other islands are peaceful oasis where the plane drops on the far side of a mountain to land at a small airport that has all of two runways and people greet you as you deplane.


I’d love to say they rolled all that out for me because I was a writer but I’m not that important. On the other hand, people visiting the gorgeous island of St. Lucia are important enough to be greeted at the airport.


Ready to add another 90 minutes to reach the part of the island where many of the hotels are located, I was surprised to travel less than five minutes - no kidding you could almost run to the airport if you oversleep on the last day.


There are two sides to the resort so you can choose to be around families or sleep on the adult only side.


Check In/Out – 8

The open-air lobby had a short line with several people to help, though it seems like it could get crowded during a rush. In the Caribbean, registration lines aren’t too bad since you’re often greeted with wonderful drinks. They even offered champagne.


Service – 6

The service was amazing at times and okay at others. It did take some time to have a service issue with the room resolved.


Food and Drink – 7

There are several restaurants on the premises, including an Asian restaurant Silk that was surprisingly good. The resort is clearly taking steps to improving options with Creole-inspired Calabash. The restaurants are primary located in the same location and all are not available every day. However, the best restaurant was the pool grill with a steak sandwich that was delicious.


Exercise Facility – 6

A former Club Med, this resort offered dumbbells with some weight stations. Additionally there were several vintage treadmills, elliptical machines and stationary bikes. There are also classes and by-the-beach yoga for the interested.


Coconut Bay BedroomBedding – 7

The beds were very comfortable and relaxing. As a fan of a cold room, the comforter did its job to keep the sheets warm and make the bed a perfect temperature for bedtime activities…whatever you determine that to be.


Decorations – 7

The hotel definitely takes a fun and lively approach to their decor. It brightens the overall feel of the resort and reminds you constantly you’re in the Caribbean. Fun touches like the hand-painted checkerboard table in the lobby and the oversized couches make the open-air lobby a fun gathering place. Dark woods, mixed with modern touches, make the room memorable. The bathroom seems to depart from that feel a little with white and blue tiles and a glittery-yellow mirror.


Staff – 10

You are family. They were playful and welcoming yet extremely helpful. Step over to the adult-side bar for some good laughs.


Construction/Cleanliness – 7

Cleaning carts seemed to be more visible here than at many other resorts. I also initially had an ant problem in the bathroom but that was resolved. The resort is going through ongoing construction to improve the facilities but there is very little to no evidence of equipment or work. The management is passionate about improving the facilities and undoubtedly has made some improvement since my visit.


Coconut Bay BeachRecreation – 9

This location has a water park for kids…and adults. There are three or more slides with varying degrees of fun for the grown kid. For the semi (but truly) lazy, they have a Lazy River where you can grab an inner tube and a just float in circles for hours. There’s even a waterfall halfway through to cool you off. A splash park and daycare are on the premises for kids. You can take a short walk down the beach for kite surfing. Also on the property are basketball courts, paintball, soccer and football areas, biking trails and a forthcoming go-kart track. The beach is shallow but it is long so feel free to move down the beach and not sit directly in front of the resort. Also, get a couple’s massage in the new huts just off the beach. If you’re looking for island events, there is zip lining, ATV tours, snorkeling, island tours, fishing excursions and much more available on this beautiful island.


Value – 7

There are several deals on the accommodations here. If you find a room rate of $150 for an all-inclusive resort, then take it. The biggest obstacle to this location is the airfare, which can be costly depending on your original destination. The resort is definitely making strides to improve into a luxury destination so if the room rate is low and tickets are reasonable, it’s worth a shot.


Rating: 74


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