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The Superhero Workout

SuperheroIf you’re jealous of the bodies’ of couples gracing the screen of your favorite action flick, maybe you need to switch your workout. Try this plan with your fiancée to become lean and build muscle at the same time. Focusing on combination strength training moves to trick your body into shape in a short time. Rotate exercises into three sets to keep the routine fast and exciting.

Alternating Forward Lunges with Side Lateral Raises – 12 reps
Select dumbbells. Start with feet shoulder width apart. Step forward and lunge keeping a straight back. Bring feet back to original starting position, then raise both arms keeping them straight out to both sides.

Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows with Triceps Kickbacks – 12 reps
Select dumbbells. Keep your back straight and bend over to waist level. With knees slightly bent, extend both arms toward the floor, palms facing each other. Pull in elbows to each side, immediately extend both forearms backwards with fully locked arms.

Plié Squats with Upright Rows – 15 reps
Select dumbbells. Place feet as wide as possible with toes pointing outward. Keep back straight and squat. Return to starting position and at the top of the motion, bring dumbbells up to chin level with both palms facing inwards towards chest.

Jump Squats with Bicep Curls – 15 reps
Select dumbbells. Start with feet close together. Jump and land softly with knees bent into squat position. Jump back up to starting position, and immediately perform bicep curls. Keep back straight.

Full Sit Up with Medicine Ball Pass – 10 reps each
Select medicine ball. Sit on floor facing each other with legs fully extended. Hold medicine ball chest level. One person leans backwards, just before the back touches the floor, return to upright position passing the ball to workout partner as they repeat the same movement. Be sure to exhale as you return to the upright position.

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