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Talent - Don't Waste it Because of a Lack of Focus

lif-wasted-talentTalent manager. Talent agent. Talent show. Talent source. Today we have to be each. Or your show goes. Goes down the hall. Goes off the floor. To another unit. Or another agency? Or supplier? Or the show goes to someone other than you.

Whatever you think talent is or isn’t - it is measured. Don’t know how your talent contribution is being measured, you could be in big trouble. And performance measurements these days are 360. Definitely not just from above. Not any longer. Your peers and those that report to you count.

If your work output is disproportionally out of balance with the input you need - from your upstream boss, your cross stream peers and your downstream direct reports - to make sure you’re moving forward on the right track - you could be already careening off track and clueless. It could be happening to you. It happens way more than you think. Way more!

The question is; how do you know it’s not? How do you know exactly where you stand with respect to your performance? The answer is simple if you’re not focused on specifically asking those around you - you just don’t know for sure.

Here then are some critical talent measurement focused questions. You could be asking these around you. The below questions apply up, across and downstream from you. If you want a true 360 radially accurate picture of your talent contribution you have to ask the right questions to the right people in order to get the right focus on your talent picture. Here are some starter questions;

      1. What does my project’s/initiative’s/job success look like to you?
      2. When does that vision need to be actualized by?
      3. What needs to be happening that isn’t happening now?
      4. What can I be doing better to contribute to your success?
      5. Who are the other critical peer partners you’d like to see me working with?
      6. What do I need to be doing more of to insure my talent contribution increases in value?
      7. What should I be doing less of to insure my talent contribution increases in value?
      8. What do I need to know that I don’t know to scale my value?
      9. How will I know from you before I’m off track that I’m off track?
      10. What review procedures can we agree to?

Talent without focus is disconnected. Irrelevant. Talent needs smart application. Direction. Continual short cycled feedback to insure relevancy of contribution. Feedback doesn’t exist in a vacuum. You can’t know for certain where you stand if you don’t ask others. Without a frame of reference your best guess about your talent contribution could be nothing more than a costly career assumption.

You’ve got talent. Don’t waste it because of a lack of focus.


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